Priority Areas of the Strategy

Priority Areas of the Strategy

PA 1A - Mobility - Waterways

Priority Area 1A "To improve mobility and intermodality of inland waterways", coordinated by Austria and Romania.

PA 1B -  Mobility - Rail-Road-Air

Priority Area 1B "To improve mobility and intermodality - rail, road and air",  coordinated by Slovenia and Serbia.

PA 02 -  Energy

Priority Area 2 "To encourage more sustainable energy", coordinated by Hungary and the Czech Republic.

PA 03 -  Culture & Tourism

Priority Area 03 "To promote culture and tourism, people to people contacts", coordinated by Bulgaria and Romania.

PA 04 -  Water Quality

Priority Area 4 of the EUSDR "To restore and maintain the quality of waters", coordinated by Hungary and Slovakia.

PA 05 -  Environmental Risks

Priority Area 05 of the EUSDR "To manage environmental risks", coordinated by Hungary and Romania.

PA 06  - Biodiversity, landscapes, quality of air and soils

Priority Area 06 "To preserve biodiversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soils", coordinated by the Land Bavaria (Germany) and Croatia.

PA 07 -  Knowledge Society

Priority Area 07 "To develop the Knowledge Society (research, education and ICT)" , coordinated by Slovakia and Serbia.

PA 08 -  Competitiveness

Priority Area 08 "To support the competitiveness of enterprises", coordinated by the Land Baden-W├╝rttemberg (Germany) and Croatia.

PA 09 -  People & Skills

Priority Area 09 of the EUSDR "To invest in people and skills", coordinated by Austria and Moldova.

PA 10 -  Institutional capacity and cooperation

Priority Area 10 "To step up institutional capacity and cooperation", coordinated by the City of Vienna (Austria) and Slovenia.

PA 11 -  Security

Priority Area 11 of the EUSDR "To work together to tackle security and organised crime",  coordinated by Germany and Bulgaria.